Configure the User xlibmn to Use SSH Keys

These instructions will walk you through the steps to configure the Linx VPS to allow the user xlibmn to login using an SSH key rather than the user password. These steps are crucial for properly securing your Linux VPS from brute force password attacks.


  1. Generate an SSH key:

  2. Configure your terminal emulator to use the SSH Key:


Do not proceed with the following steps until the above prerequisites have been completed successfully. You will need to already be able to login to the Linux VPS, as the root user, using an SSH key for the following steps to work properly.

Implementation Steps

  1. Login to the Linux VPS as the root user.

  2. Create a directory named .ssh in the /home/xlibmn/ directory:

    mkdir /home/xlibmn/.ssh
  3. Copy the file named authorized_keys from the directory /root/.ssh to the directory /home/xlibmn/.ssh:

    cp /root/.ssh/authorized_keys /home/xlibmn/.ssh
  4. Change ownership of the authorized_keys file from root to the user xlibmn:

    chown xlibmn:xlibmn /home/xlibmn/.ssh/authorized_keys

Let’s test it!

  1. Open a duplicate session to the Linux VPS and login as the user xlibmn.
  • You should now be logged in without having to enter your password.
  • For PC users, be sure that the Putty session has the SSH key saved, or this step will fail.

If you are able to login to the Linux VPS with the user xlibmn, without having to type in your password, then you can proceed to the next section to disable password logins and root login access.