Verify the MasterNode Hot Wallet Started Successfully

  1. Login to the Linux VPS console, via Putty or Terminal, as the user xlibmn (or the user that you used to install the Hot wallet).

  2. Run the command cat ~/.liberty/debug.log | grep HotCold:

    cat ~/.liberty/debug.log | grep HotCold
  • If the MasterNode started correctly then you will receive the following output: “CActiveFundamentalnode::EnableHotColdFundamentalNode() - Enabled! You may shut down the cold daemon.”
  • Output from this command will only show up if your MasterNode started successfully. If you do not receive the expected output, then your MasterNode did not start successfully.
  • The most common cause of this issue is attempting to start the MasterNode before the Hot wallet is fully synchronized. Wait a couple of hours and then try to start it from the Cold wallet again.
  1. Run the following command to verify the status of the MasterNode:

    liberty-cli getmasternodestatus
  • If you see status Not capable masternode: Hot node, waiting for remote activation, you need to wait a bit longer for the blockchain to reach consensus. It’s common to take 60 to 120 minutes before activation can be done.

  • If you see status MasterNode successfully started as well as the HotCold output from the first command then CONGRATULATIONS your MasterNode Hot wallet is now successfully enabled.

    • NOTE: It will take a few hours until the first rewards start coming in. The time before the first payout will increase as more MasterNodes come online.
  1. Check the MasterNode tracker website to see that your MasterNode(s) are showing up on the site.
  • You will need to search by your MN1 wallet address or your Linux VPS IP address to locate it on the website.
  • The site is refreshed every 5 minutes so don’t be surprised if it takes up to 5 minutes to show up on the website.

Congratulations! The initial setup process is complete and your MasterNode is fully operational! You can proceed to the Finishing Touches section to enable logrotate and Hot wallet auto start.