Consolidating Coins Into A Single Wallet Address

These instructions are intended for those that are consolidating all of your LBRT and zLBRT into a single wallet address. These steps are to be performed on an existing Liberty wallet, not the new wallet. This process is critical to prepare for completing the coin swap with the Swap Bot.

Consolidating LBRT

  1. Locate and copy the existing Liberty wallet address that you are consolidating all of your coins into.

  2. Open your current Liberty wallet(s) that currently contains LBRT.

  3. From the side wallet bar, click Send.

  4. In the Pay To: field, right click and select Paste to paste in the wallet address that you copied in Step 1.

  5. Click Open Coin Control.

    If you haven’t already enabled Coin Control then follow these steps:

    • From the Liberty Wallet, click on Settings, select Options, click on the Wallet tab and then click the check-box that says Enable coin control features.
    • This feature will allow you to control your wallet inputs, to verify that all coins are consolidated into a single input, to choose which inputs you send coins from, and to optimize staking.
  6. Click (un)Select all and ensure that all of the checkboxes are checked and that none of them are locked.

  7. Click OK to close the Coin Selection window.

  8. Locate the numbers next to the field After Fee and right click them and then select Copy after fee. This will copy the total amount of coins you have available to send after the fee is calculated.

  9. Right click in the Amount field box and select Paste. This will paste in the total amount of coins that you have available to send.

  10. Verify that the following information is correct:

    • Pay to wallet address is the correct wallet address you are consolidating all of the coins into.
    • Amount field is the correct amount of all of the coins in the wallet, after the fee is removed.
  11. Click Send to complete the transaction.

    • Enter your wallet passphrase, if prompted.
    • Click Yes when prompted to confirm that you are sure you want to send.


Repeat the above steps for each wallet that contains LBRT coins. It is critical that you successfully consoldate all of your LBRT coins into a single wallet address before proceeding with the coin swap.

Once all of your coins have been consolidated, you can proceed to the next step to perform the coin swap with the Swap Bot